Monday, July 6, 2009

A quick 'How to' for Paste-up

I have had a few people emailing asking some questions regarding paste-up and how it all works. Will give a quick run down of how I go about it. There are many different ways to go about it but for me this is by far the easiest.

Most of the paste-ups I have been doing are printed from files that I have drawn on photoshop. I use a plan printer that prints in A0. Call around and you may find a printer willing to print larger (mine will print up to about 6 meters). I pay about $4 a meter so that should be a good indicator of whats a good price.

Another way I have used a bit recently is to hand draw the images with markers. Right now I am using Med sized KRINK pens and Large tipped SHARPIES. These together are good enough for fine detail as well covering large areas.

Now this is a question I have been getting a lot. What paper to use for paste-up posters?
Honestly most paper works but I have found that the thinner the better. TDC3 Printers have 90 GSM on their large format printer which is perfect. If I am drawing the picture by hand I have been using a slightly thicker paper. This I have found is better as the markers tend to bleed to much when using the thinner paper. I get this paper from this ART SHOP in Richmond because they have 1.5 x 10 mtr rolls for $30.

Next is cutting the image out. The best tool to use for cutting out is an artist scalpel. You will also need a good cutting board as the scalpel will destroy any table surface and then go blunt.

Next step now is making glue. I have posted a glue recipe previously which you can view here. I have had some good feedback from this recipe and it works everytime for me.

The best tools for pasting the posters up is different depending on the size of the poster. A wide painters Brush is great for smaller posters and for the larger a house broom. Best broom to use is one of the ones with the plastic fiber bristles as it makes it easier to clean.

So yeah thats basically it.

Hope it helps.


  1. great info here. what fixer do you recommend to seal colours (highlighters, ink, paint etc) on posters before pasting?

  2. the glue acts as a seal over the colour but your lucky if the poster will last a few weeks before its buffed so its not going to really matter

  3. thanks, this all really helps. im just getting into stencil paste ups and was wondering what kind of texture to paste up on, how long do you think they will last?

  4. paste on any texture, the glue recipe will make the paste-up last for a very long time as long as no one buffs the wall :)

  5. do u put a layer of glue down, then apply another layer once uve put the paper up?

  6. yea thats normally the chosen technique

  7. How did you print this particluar image ?? is a screen print

  8. Hey,

    I was just wondering why thinner paper is better then thicker paper?
    i've got a commission to paste up 5 walls... yikes.. (kinda like wall paper) indoors - would thicker last longer then thinner? - i'm a total nube at this :)

    many thanks :)

  9. Thicker will tend to come off the wall earlier than thinner when pasting outside. I havent done any inside before so i am not sure if the same will apply. you just need to be able to saturate the paper to create a good bond to the wall. good luck mate, would be interested to see some images of the final product once your done.

  10. what is the tecnique for applying posters to

  11. same as any other, if you would like the image to be nice and smooth you can use a roller as well. on metal this would work really well.

  12. Hello,...Love your work!!
    Im just starting out and i find this to be quite expensive if you want to create paste-ups using printed photos n stuff that cant really be hand drawn.
    I was wondering if you know of any cheap printers that could deliver to the UK? I have looked at TDC3 and have applied for a quote but havent heard about what sort of price they charge.

  13. if you wanted to print larger than a0 would you say convert your image into strips and print it like that or is there a better way of doing it?

  14. all this information is very helpful, im a complete new one to this, usually put out vinyl stickers, but i want to go big, and vinyl is expensive!!!

    so, im planning on drawing my design on standard a3 paper, with a acrylic paint marker, cutting it out and then using the glue recipe above..? and you say applying the glue mix on top of the paper seals it, ? so no chance of the paint bleeding or paper bubbling??

    thanks :)


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